From The Rectory

Dear Friends,
It is hard to believe that it is almost a year since I arrived and took up my role here as priest in charge of the Lyn Valley Mission Community. The time has gone very quickly, and yet there is has been a full of opportunities to experience community life here, with celebrations, commemorations, times of sadness and loss, and of communal co-operation and care for one another. I have learnt the truth of Bishop Sarah’s advice at my interview: “You have to get used the fact the work is never finished”, and I am still learning how to find a sustainable rhythm of life balancing busy-ness and refreshment.
I suspect I am not alone in this. I meet those of you for whom retirement has brought greater demands on your time than when you were “working”; those involved in tourism, hospitality and caring roles who are rarely “off duty”; teaching and medical staff and those in public service who are always going the extra mile and I have conversations with those of you who farm that leave me in awe of the demands you meet.
For me, the creating that sustainable rhythm of life starts with prayer: creating a space to be open to the love that is the source of everything, the wonder of creation, the mystery of all that is beyond my control, a sense of connection with others and expression of the things that need changing in our world. The church offers prayer as frame to our activity. Across the Mission Community each morning we pray for the needs of the world and the communities of the Lyn Valley as well as bring to God our celebrations and our regrets, our wonder and our hopes on a Sunday. For me, finding windows of silence in a busy day has that same framing effect.
But you can pray “outside the box” too – often many of the activities we love are places to start: many find time spent in nature their greatest prayer, or the mindful attention given to care of another person, or a delicate task, or perhaps the “in the zone” of exercise.
As last year, between 10-20th May, churches throughout the world will be encouraging participation in a global wave of prayer – inviting people to discover their own habits of prayer which refresh and energise their lives. This initiative is called “Thy Kingdom Come” and the website of that name gives all sort of suggestions to give prayer a go and see what it is like, is another good place to start.
If any of this intrigues you and you want to talk further about it – feel free to get in touch. And in the meantime, be assured of my prayers! God bless



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